name-tag1I’ve thought about what to name my business ever since I started it over two years ago. I have a list of more than 20 different ideas, and I haven’t really decided whole heartedly on any of them. But in order to operate, I’ve settled on “Vendo.” Vendo is a Latin word that means “to sell.” (sounds familiar to “Venor” right?). It represents the moment I decided to take my hobby making websites and start selling my skills as a service. I like how it sounds, but I’ve always been unsure if people would be able to remember it easily, or appreciate the meaning. Plus, there is already a major international vending machine company with that name (I can still be Vendo, LLC in Utah however, as I’m not necessarily international). And speaking of meanings, when I do business I don’t just want “to sell” but I’d prefer “to make better” the world we live in. It is this reason that drives me to think of different names and mill over what to call my business.

Sometimes when I hear of fun business names, such as “Thought Bot” or “Laughing” I smile and think how creative those names are. In the end however, the name of the business is not as important as the service. You could name your business xkeert and at first it would look strange, but if your service or products are great, you should be successful no matter what the name is. In fact, having a unique name such as xkeert might be a benefit to your business as the name is recognizable and not like any other. I can imagine “Nike” being unique when it first came out, yet now it’s one of the most easily recognized brands.

What are some crazy business names you’ve heard of?

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