I like a lot of different things, but mostly I sum everything up into two passions: Nature and Technology.


IMG_2268I have a passion for taking care of our planet and sharing adventures in the outdoors. I have experienced living like a hunter-gatherer – making my own tools for harvesting wild edibles and living off that land for short periods of time. In 2006 I began working with the Anasazi Foundation guiding youth on primitive living treks in the Tonto National forest in Arizona. That experience has changed my life and I’m always telling people how great it is to work there. While in college, I guided over a hundred trips in the Tetons and surrounding area.

May 30 06 020I’m a strong advocate of Leave No Trace principles. In addition to Anasazi, I’ve also worked with Aspiro Adventures, and am on the Grand Canyon Council of the Boy Scouts of America. I’ve guided trips for youth and adults, worked at scout camps, been a ropes course instructor, river guide, wilderness survival instructor, and more. I have a passion for hands-on learning and I love guiding outdoor treks to help other’s share in the experience.

If you would like to join me on an adventure in the wilderness and learn how to make fire, shelter, find wild edibles and more, please inquire here:




bigstock-Server-Rack-Hard-Disks-43474630I first discovered DOS on an old IBM machine in 1988 when my older brother took a programming class and showed me what he was doing. Instant geek love. Scroll ahead to 1993, when I figured out how to use a modem to connect to the internet to play some terminal games or chat with people (no Graphical User Interface then, just BBS and some RPG). Years later, I made my first website in 1999.

In 2002 I decided to balance my life and explore more things than computer science. I rekindled my love for the outdoors while living in Idaho. As of 2009, I specialize in web development and growing the D3FY Development Group – a development consulting agency. Though I like learning just about anything I can, I feel that JavaScript is the best path to the future so I spend most of my time working in it. On a daily basis I’m usually working in JavaScript, PHP, SCSS (Bootstrap), CSS and HTML. I’m also proficient with Linux.