“It has been our pleasure to do business with William. His work is fantastic. He understood what our site needed, and he worked late hours to finish a project when we were in a pinch. We recommend him to any business that needs a good website.”
Chris Admunsen, C.E.O. – ShareNPay.com

Client: Fast Forward Charter High School
Technology: WordPress
Details: Fast Forward Charter High School is located in Logan, Utah and has helped thousands of students grow and learn in a productive education environment. The mission of Fast Forward Charter High School is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students who may be at risk of not completing high school requirements can be challenged with curriculum presented to accommodate their unique learning styles.

Client: Anasazi Foundation
Technology: WordPress
Details: With the national launch of their book The Seven Paths, the Anasazi Foundation needed a website to show just how amazing their book is. I’ve also personally read this book many times and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking books.

Client: Organic Mineral Distributors, LLC
Technology: Design, mobile optimisation, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP
Details: Organic Mineral Distributors, LLC sells a top-quality soil remineralizer product. They are an Earth-friendly company that provide organic minerals to help gardeners and farmers naturally enhance their crop yields. They needed a website which would reflect the organic and clean nature of their organization and product. I custom designed and built their website, which is also fluid (resizes to different screens so the site always looks great) and is fresh and simple – just like their product.

OpenCart site set up with customizations for www.QuikCamo.com by BigWilliam

Client: QuikCamo
Technology: OpenCart (eCommerce), PHP customizations, CSS, HTML, Design customizations
Details: QuikCamo is a company in Idaho that sells a patented camo hat for hunters. Their products basically sell themselves. They hired me to create an easy to use website for their customers. They were so happy with my work that we continue to work together today.

WordPress custom theme, and online eCommerce store for ThereAndBack, by BigWilliam

Client: There And Back Outdoor: Outfitters of Arizona
Technology: Design, Custom WordPress theme, UX/UI, eCommerce setup, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Details: There And Back is a brand new outfitting company located in Mesa, AZ. They offer all you need for outdoor adventures. We designed this site to be simple, and photo-based. Meaning that most of the effective look and feel of the site comes from the photography displayed on teh front page.

ShareNPay Website created by BigWilliam

Client: ShareNPay
Technology: Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
Details: ShareNPay is a startup company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their innovative iPhone app allows individuals to share payments as easily as sending messages on a social network. They needed a splash page with their company logo that would help establish branding, and describe their product to viewers.

Contact PHP form and AJAX verification for Gold's Gym

Client: Gold’s Gym of Utah
Technology: PHP (contact form), jQuery, HTML, CSS
Details: Gold’s Gym of Utah was running a promotion and giving away free memberships. They needed a simple sign up form that would also send an attachment via email to the user (creating a PHP mailer that also sends an attachment).

Custom WordPress theme and design by BigWilliam

Client: Fresh Noni
Technology: Design, WordPress custom theme, eCommerce setup
Details: FreshNoni.com is an online company that sells Noni products from Maui Hawaii. This site is a custom WordPress site.

solavei cellphone service splash page for Starving Student Card by BigWilliam

Client: Starving Student Card
Technology: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP
Details: Solavei is a new phone service which is being marketed via word-of-mouth. Our client wanted a page that would describe the service in a colorful and friendly manner, also giving viewers an easy way to sign up for the service.

Website creation, with custom PHP/AJAX contact form by BigWilliam

Client: Starving Student Card
Technology: Custom website, Layout, PHP/AJAX contact form
Details: Starving Student Card is the most successful discount card company in Utah. Their website has hundreds of views every week and represents innovation and success for businesses in Provo, Salt Lake, and even Rexburg, Idaho.

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