I just finished designing and coding a brand new site for naturesPerfect. They make soil remineralizer for home gardeners and farmers. I am especially excited about this site because I worked on every aspect of it: from initial design and layout, to final design and slicing. I also set up everything, creating a custom WordPress theme, and adding custom features.

naturesPerfect has the following features:

  • WordPress CMS and custom WordPress theme I designed specifically for naturesPerfect
  • Mobile optimisation and FLUID layout – works on any size browser window, shopping cart and all
  • WooCommerce online store plus customized enhancements I provided
  • Special members area that only sales reps can see once they log in
  • Special products area for wholesalers to buy wholesale once they log in
  • Customized font and header images so they can make changes on the fly (should they change their minds about what images or font to use on the front page
  • SEO optimized from the ground up – it’s not just about using a plugin people, it starts when you build the site to begin with! 🙂
  • Plus I’m providing hosting with automatic backups and automatic upgrades to WordPress core updates

I am currently in the process of migrating information from their old site (a shoppify cart) into this one, so in a few days you should see the changes at their domain: http://www.naturesperfect.us. In the meantime, here’s a few screenshots:




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