I’ve spent a lot of time going through forums and message boards looking for directions on how to set up my standard (non e-print ready) printer with Google Cloud Print, and I found quite a few different “answers.” But none of them worked. Some had me creating accounts at hp.com and doing this and that. I gave up for a while, and thought I’d have to buy a new printer. But it turns out, it’s pretty SIMPLE.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Confirm that your printer is connect to your router (push the wireless button on your printer to see if it displays an IP address).
  2. Add printer to a Mac or PC computer. Print from your PC/Mac to test that you are connected wirelessly (you may need a friend’s computer for this).
  3. Go to the chrome browser on your PC/Mac and go to Chrome advanced settings > Google Cloud Print and hit the “Manage” button.
  4. Log in with your google account (the one you use on your Chromebook).
  5. Add the printer to your google cloud printing account (still on your PC/Mac computer)
  6. Now go back to your Chromebook and print something!

This seems much simpler than logging into hp.com and setting up your printer through them. Try it out, and let me know if it worked for you, or if it didn’t. I hope this helps all the people out there who have been having trouble with this.

11 responses to “How to set up an HP Deskjet 3050A Printer on Google Cloud Print

  1. I am on a Chromebook and almost gave up on my trust printer that is not even a few years old. I downloaded HP print for Chrome extension first. I was never able to get the IP address from my printer, so then I skipped Step #1 and plugged in directly by USB to a borrowed Mac. Lastly, I followed the rest of your steps and was able to print also. Thank you so much for your tip! Saved me money on having to get a new printer.

    1. It should be an IP address, if you mean a pin for connecting to the router, that might be a different button for setting up a connection.

      1. Yeah I’m having an issue setting my neighbors up for her there is no USB plugin on the printer that I see. And it is not connecting to her router using the WPS setting I’m so lost and just not sure what to try next. With it being a chromebook I have no idea.

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