Magento comes with a default iPhone theme which is a great base to get started with mobile theme development for Magento. I recently came across this issue and could not find anything online to help with it.

In the default mobile theme (under …/iPhone) in Magento, above each category list it shows a back button, and “All Products” just under that, before showing the regular category list.

I wanted to remove the part that says “All Products” from automatically being shown in the menu. Unfortunately I could not find a way to do it from the Admin, so I had to dig into the code. Here’s the answer…

iphone.js line 352. just comment it out.

location: /skin/frontend/default/iphone/js/iphone.js

352 subcategoryHeader.insert({ after : new Element('li').update('<a href="' + sliderLink.href + '"><span>All Products</span></a>') });

One response to “How to remove “All Products” button in Magento iphone mobile theme

  1. At iphone.js file they are used hard-coded ‘All products’ links in nav menu. I comment it and disappear, it´s not the best way but it works for me u.u

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